Meeting Su-Lin at Seoul Bakery


Way back at the end of April (you can see how behind I am with my entries!) I got to meet Su-Lin of Tamarind & Thyme – one of the first food blogs I was introduced to last year.

She suggested a Korean lunch at Seoul Bakery and walking in I was taken back by how tiny the restaurant was. With the kitchen taken up under half the floorspace there were seats for just 8 diners. But what struck me more was how homely the place felt with all the graffiti not just scrawled across the walls but also throughout the menu too. A complete opposite to the pristine white decor of my Sunday lunch at St. John Hotel the week before.

It also had the shortest menu I’ve seen in a Korean restaurant – unlike the heavy tome that Arang gives you – which made choosing a lot easier. We started with a bulgogi beef bibimbap before it got mixed up together. Lighter than the dolsot version I prefer this for lunch – unless I want to be dozing in the afternoon from all the carbs!

Next up was dumpling tteokbokki which I’ve never had before. It was a warming mix of soft chewy rice cake in this piquant flavoursome sauce. Thankfully they didn’t make it too hot for my Western palate and I’m curious to try out the other variations on my next visit.

Completing our trio of dishes was the seafood pajeon. Crispy – tick; seafood not overcooked – tick; pancake not drenched in oil – triple tick. Glad to see that Seoul Bakery could hold its own compared its larger rivals in Soho and then some.

With neither of us in a rush, we slowly sauntered down through Soho before stopping by Spuntino which was uncharacteristically empty. Then again, it was the Easter weekend, and since Su-Lin had never been there we stopped off for dessert there. She enjoyed the peanut butter jelly ice-cream sandwich that she’s heard so much about whilst my Nutella pizzetta gave me that sugar high without stuffing me even more.

Finishing off our extended lunch, we got chatting with the waiter as he was experimenting with various soft drink concoctions and, to our surprise, he gave us four flavours to sample and give our verdict on. Quite fun and perhaps a future career as a food taster beckons – though being lactose intolerant that might be short-lived!

So a thoroughly enjoyable Sunday lunch getting to know Su-Lin and more about the food blogosphere as well all the food and drink we tried out. Her post on Seoul Bakery is here and I highly recommend you follow her blog too.

Seoul Bakery | 55 St Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8LH | Map | Nearest station: Tottenham Court Road

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