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Lifting my head out of all the tsunami of work that’s hit me since getting back a week ago, here’s the brunch that IT Girl and I had at the rather stylish Bond & Brook hidden away in the fashionable Fenwick Bond Street.

When it comes to eating out, choosing a place in a department store isn’t what would usually spring to my mind. But then again, breaking with routine can be both fun and revealing. So there we were seated in this elegant space, in keeping with the refined yet subdued vibe of Fenwick, for a Saturday brunch (as they don’t open on Sundays).

Menu options ranged from the usual brunch options, to the tapas-style eating, to mains. IT Girl went for a warm and sweet pain perdu (French toast with berries and creme fraiche) which was just the right size for her. As myself, it had to be the B&B “breakfast in a skillet” (bacon-wrapped Cumberland sausage with mushroom, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, and fried bread) which was small but perfectly formed. And the accompanying Virgin Mary had quite a kick to it … better than coffee in some ways!

Summing up the place, it treads quite close to being style over substance but without crossing over as we enjoyed both the food as well as the attentive service. My only quibble with the place is that I felt that the portion sizes could’ve been bigger as they seem to be geared towards the the waist-conscious fashionistas wafting through crowd. I wasn’t hungry after my plate of food but I also didn’t feel particular full … that said, IT Girl always says I eat too much so maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all!

As department store restaurants go, it’s a class apart from it’s competitors on Oxford Street and worth a visit if you’re looking for a relaxing oasis to chill out inbetween all that shopping. :)

Bond & Brook | Fenwick, 63 New Bond Street, London, W1A 3BS | Map | Nearest station: Bond Street

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  1. Yeji says:

    The tomatos on the top look really cute

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